RR-Creativity :: Snowboard Addiction

Design by: Ralph de Rechniewski
Customer: Snowboard Addiction
Company Name:Snowboard Addiction .Inc
Country: Whistler, British Colombia, Canada
Website: Snowboard Addiction
Year: 2015 – 2016

Story Line:

There is a lot to say about this incredible amazing company, I never felt better with a Customer/Employer. I felt home every single day I spent with them. It was a family work, not only design… Everything, there is a lot that I can’t show yet cause of the privacy agreement with the SA. But Let me tell you, when you have free card for everything, and quite everything is accepted and having only compliment… They needed a lot of design, from the Visual Identity to Website Coding. I also had the chance to participate in some video tutorial as the “Dummy” thanks to Nev… Between the Designing, I was also taking action picture for their product, recording/editing some video with an Amazing Filmer named Addison MacDonald you can find also his Flickr website here.

Soon I’ll release the design of the new Snowboard, and some Engineering data sheet that I was honoured to make.

My experience with them isn’t finished, it still continue. My door for new project are more then welcome.

I follow the production, and still keep in touch with Everyone.